Steve Harvey: Dating a Mama’s Boy + Michelle Drake-Browning


Steve Harvey August 29 2013

Steve Harvey is helping people of all ages with his daytime talk show, and the August 29 episode features solutions for a mama’s boy, as well as the inspiring story of a woman breaking ground as a mixed martial arts referee. Then, stick around to learn how 74-year-old Dr. Jeffrey Life keeps himself looking youthful and vibrant, and how you can too. Here is what you can catch on Thursday’s show.

Steve Harvey: Dating a Mama’s Boy

Steve Harvey: Dating a Mama's Boy + Michelle Drake-Browning

Are you dating a mama’s boy? Get expert advice about how to navigate healthier relationships on Steve Harvey August 29.


Do you know a Mama’s Boy? If you have ever dated one, you probably realized that it can be difficult to be in a relationship that feels like it incorporates a third person. Steve Harvey brought in Dr John Duffy with some advice on how to tackle this situation when you run into it.

If you are dealing with an overbearing mother-in-law, it may help to know you are not alone. On August 29, Dr Duffy said he has found moms in this scenario to have ego-based needs. His advice to them is to find something they are passionate about and enjoy for themselves.

That will help to set boundaries and foster a better relationship. As for Mama’s Boys, you have to have an open and honest conversation about growing up and moving into a new phase of life. Getting on the same page is critical.


Steve Harvey TV: Michelle Drake-Browning MMA

Michelle Drake-Browning is one of only three women in the whole world who have her job title: mixed martial arts referee. What made her want to break into such a potentially violent sport, and why does she love it so much?

She is telling her story as a female groundbreaker on Steve Harvey’s August 29 show. You may be inspired by her story, and you can also suggest your own groundbreaking guests that you think would be great on Steve’s show.

Later, Steve Harvey is working out with Dr Jeffrey Life, who is very fit for his age of 74. I wonder if I will still be able to walk up the stairs at that age!


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