Steve Harvey: Curtis Duffy Thanks Teachers & ASU’s Honey Beez


Steve Harvey: May 31 2013

Steve Harvey: Curtis Duffy Thanks Teachers & ASU's Honey Beez

Curtis Duffy tells his riveting life story and thanks those that inspired him.

On Steve Harvey May 31 2013, Curtis Duffy, a famed Chicago chef, comes on to the show to thank two former teachers of his for helping him overcome a family tragedy and ultimately become successful in the culinary world. Then, a woman who feels that her best friend betrayed her wants to try and work it out and save the friendship. Finally, we will check out a performance from Alabama State University’s dance troupe, the Honey Beez, and are treated to funny photos that parents post online of just how destructive children can be.


Steve Harvey: Chef Curtis Duffy’s Family Tragedy

Chris Duffy’s story is not exactly a happy one. Up until his 12th birthday, everything was going pretty well for Curtis, living in a five bedroom house with his father working a steady, well-paid job. When the company was sold, however, the family moved to Ohio and things soon went downhill. Not only did his parent’s marriage disintegrate, but Curtis Duffy’s father and mother were both killed in a tragic murder-suicide.

His saving grace was found before that tragic incident, though, when he was in middle school. His middle school teacher, Ruth Snider, got Curtis hooked on cooking, and it became his outlet whenever things got tough, and then tougher. He will be thanking Ruth and another teacher on Friday’s show.

Steve Harvey: Alabama State University’s Honey Beez

Though many cheer leading and dance squads consist of your stereotypically thin model types, Alabama State University’s Honey Beez stand out. They are a dance troupe of seven plus-sized ladies that dance during half-time af ASU games. They are always friendly, and carry themselves in a fashion that is classy and elegant. Good image plus good personality is a winner in my book!



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