Steve Harvey Couple Gets Engaged On Show & Caroline Manzo Life Lessons


Steve Harvey: Popping the Question & Chicagolicious Makeover

On March 26 2013, Steve Harvey talked to a woman that has been waiting five years for an engagement ring. A family shared their crazy vacation stories. Top Chef Fabio Viviani cooked an Italian meal your whole family will enjoy. Caroline Manzo gave real talk about The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Steve and A.J. Johnson from Chicagolicious gave a ponytail mom a bob haircut.

Steve Harvey: Ponytail Makeover

Steve Harvey Couple Gets Engaged On Show & Caroline Manzo Life Lessons

On March 26 2013, Steve talked to a couple that’s been dating for five years. After all this time, Paul is finally putting a ring on his girlfriend.


Working mom Carrie doesn’t have time to get a stylish haircut. She usually falls back on a ponytail. Steve and A.J. Johnson from Chicagolicious gave her a new haircut and a new outlook. She said she really loves her new haircut and she’s not going to go back to the ponytail. It’s given her a new confidence. She believes that her kids will love the new look.

Steve Harvey: Caroline Manzo Life Mottos

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Caroline Manzo talked to Steve about her life. She was quite open and colorful with her responses. She shared the mottos she lives by. Her motto on family is that her house is not a museum and she isn’t afraid of spills. She said respect is free but you have to work to keep it. Manzo told Steve that she may be 51, but in her head she feels 17.

“Picking a man is like picking a racehorse,” she told Steve.


Steve Harvey: Siena Tavern Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani told Steve he is opening a new restaurant, Siena Tavern. It’s a bar in the center of Chicago’s River North dining area. His menu is made from scratch with an emphasis on hospitality. He hopes to offer diners a relaxing social place to experience sophisticated dining.

Steve Harvey: Engaged & In Love

Paul and Teresa have been dating for five years. He finally popped the question after years of commitment issues. Check out their love in this behind-the-scenes video.


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