Steve Harvey: Concentration Game Show, Fondue Lessons + ’70s Time Warp


Steve Harvey August 26 2013

Do not adjust your television! It’s a TV time warp on the next Steve Harvey, airing August 26. Steve is sending a family back to the ‘70s and making them give up technology. Plus, what would the ‘70s be without some fondue? Find out how Steve is making it. Also, what happens when Steve tries to revive the classic game show Concentration? It’s all on Monday’s show.

Steve Harvey: 1970s Time Warp

Steve Harvey: Concentration Game Show, Fondue Lessons + '70s Time Warp

Steve Harvey is taking one family on a time warp in his August 26 episode. He is reviving the classic game show Concentration and learning to make fondue.


Five daughters in one family are letting technology take over their lives. They are spending all their time disconnected from one another by connecting with others through social media and cell phones.

Their parents have had enough, and they turned to Steve Harvey for help on August 26. Watch what happens when Steve sends them back to the ‘70s, when you did not have all these types of distractions to help you avoid quality time with one another.

When I was growing up in the ‘90s, my parents intentionally kept us behind the popular trends of video games, PCs and cell phones, focusing on family time and other activities. I hated it at the time, but it definitely gave me a different perspective than my friends. It also means I can remember a time before all these modern conveniences intruded on our every waking moment.


Steve Harvey: Fondue Lessons

Another ‘70s tradition is Fondue, and Steve Harvey is learning how to make fondue on August 26. He is hanging out with Ms Anne and Ms Harriet from the New Orleans School of Cooking to learn how to master this classic party appetizer.

If you have been to The Melting Pot, you know what fondue is all about. But you can also make it at home…just be careful not to burn the cheese. Get more advice when Steve learns fondue secrets on Monday’s episode.

Steve Harvey: Concentration Game Show

I vaguely remember seeing reruns of Alex Trebek hosting the game show Concentration. This is where you try to solve a picture puzzle by decoding the words or phrase the picture represents. Steve is reviving it on his August 26 show, so don’t miss out!


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