Steve Harvey Concentration Game & New Orleans School of Cooking Fondue


Steve Harvey: 1970’s Time Warp Fondue & Concentration Game Show

On April 29 2013, Steve is stepping back in time. In an attempt to get kids out of the technology driven mindset, Steve hopes to inspire some old school family fun without cell phones and social media. After that, he’s getting a lesson in the tastes of the 1970’s. Ms. Harriet and Ms. Anne from the New Orleans School of Cooking teach Steve Harvey how to make fondue. Also, Steve plays a round of his favorite 1970’s game show, Concentration. He also tries out an amazing 70’s ride.

Steve Harvey Concentration Game & New Orleans School Of Cooking Fondue

On April 29 2013, Steve Harvey is hosting a game of Concentration, 1970’s style. Also, he learns to make fondue with the New Orleans School of Cooking.


How To Get Your Family To Bond Without Social Media & Technology

First up on this episode, Steve Harvey gets a request from two parents. Their five daughters are obsessed with technology. They have to Instagram, Facebook, Tweet and Pin everything in their lives. Steve decides to eliminate all the distractions and take them back to a time when there was no social media: 1970.

These kids are in for a rude awakening in a world sans cellular devices. They would probably rather travel to the year 3000.

Steve Harvey: Learn How To Make 1970’s Fondue

Ms. Harriet and Ms. Anne are two instructors from the New Orleans School of Cooking. They are teaching Steve Harvey how to make a special treat, 1970’s style fondue. Why did fondue ever go out of style? Melted cheese or chocolate dip that you can cover stuff in? That sounds heavenly.


Steve Harvey: Blast From the Past Concentration Game Show

Steve’s favorite game from the 1970’s was Concentration. It’s basically a child’s game of memory. You have blocks that flip over with a picture. You must match the pictures to get the prize. Steve is putting his game show hosting hat on to give some audience members prizes.


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