Steve Harvey: Co-Parenting & Relationship Advice From Judge Lynn Toler


Steve Harvey: Divorce Court Problems & Brady Bunch Families

On April 8 2013, Steve Harvey helps another family is need of guidance. A husband and wife are struggling to blend their two families and seven kids. Real life Brady Bunch! Also, Steve investigates what germs are hiding around his set and in your home. Then, Steve is joined by Judge Lynn Toler. The Divorce Court judge offers couples relationship advice and guidance in co-parenting.

Steve Harvey: Co-Parenting & Relationship Advice From Judge Lynn Toler

On April 8 2013, Steve Harvey teams up with Judge Lynn Toler to gives families parenting and custody advice.


Steve Harvey: Combining Families, Brady Bunch Style

This is the story of a lovely lady and a man not named Brady trying to combine their families. We saw how picturesque this went on 70’s TV, but in 2013 the world is a different place. Steve Harvey gives these parents advice on making a happy home with seven kids.

Steve Harvey: Germs Hiding In Your Home

Also on April 8, Steve gets down and dirty with the germs hiding in your home. You’ll be grossed out when Steve tells you what’s lurking in the corners you never clean and the ones you obsess over.

I once heard that the cleanest place in a bathroom is the toilet seat. The Mythbusters tested different surfaces in their staff bathroom, which was rarely cleaned, and found that the seat is pretty clean. It makes sense, since you sit on or lift up the seat.


Steve Harvey: Divorce Court Judge Lynn Toler

Then, Judge Lynn Toler gives couples legal advice and rulings on Divorce Court. When she comes to Steve’s show she helps him with “Harvey’s Law.” In this episode, Judge Toler and Steve are advising a couple over custody agreements and co-parenting worries.

Also on April 8, Steve has some funny driving dog photos to share. Sounds like what I need on a Monday.


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