Steve Harvey: Cinderella Effect Flirting Advice & TeachersPayTeachers


Steve Harvey: How To Take a Family Photo

On March 13 2013, Steve Harvey is bringing in reinforcements. He’s helping a family that can’t take a good family photo. After years and years of horrible paid for photos can Steve’s celebrity photographer give them a good one? Steve’s celebrity photographer has the tips on how to take a good family photo.

The family has three little kids and they run wild in the studio. Their oldest son takes Steve’s microphone and sings his favorite song, “ABC.” Steve gets a kick out of the kids.


Steve Harvey: Cinderella Effect Flirting Advice & TeachersPayTeachers

On March 13 2013, Steve Harvey finds out what a dangling shoe, or Cinderella Effect, means in flirting.

Steve Harvey: Harvey’s Hero

Steve is honoring a homeless man in his “Harvey’s Hero.” He shares a personal connection with this story. Steve is looking for more people to honor with “Harvey’s Heros.” If you or someone you know has done some act of courage, humanity or made a difference in some way, apply now!


Steve Harvey: What Women’s Body Language Means

Body language expert Jan Hargrave is back. She’s helping Steve’s viewers decode women’s body language. Hargrave says if you want a kiss at the end of the first date, start leaning in throughout the evening. If your date leans back then you could get a kiss at the end. Crossing the arms and touching the face are negative signs.

Other signs of flirting are a dangling shoe, or Cinderella Effect, and clasping hands together and holding an upper crossed leg. These are signs that the woman is proper and ladylike, but is enjoying being with you. Hands in the pockets are a negative sign, but a head on the shoulder is a big positive sign.


Steve Harvey: TeachersPayTeachers

Steve lets a kindergarten teacher share her million-dollar idea. “TeachersPayTeachers” is an internet marketplace where educators can buy and sell their original downloadable teaching materials, physical products and used teaching resources.

The website is like Etsy for teachers. You can get free downloads, an app for your phone, custom products and something for every grade. Sellers throw sales and post them on the front page. It’s a new age for teachers and resources.


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