Steve Harvey: Biggest Dating Game Ever & Mom Gadget Reviews


Steve Harvey May 9 2013

Steve Harvey has saved his biggest dating game ever for the May 9 episode. Can he help a single mom find love? Also on the show, Steve Harvey reviews the latest and best gadgets for busy moms. Plus, Steve will attempt to help moms and daughters find peace.

Steve Harvey: Biggest Dating Game Ever

Steve Harvey: Biggest Dating Game Ever & Mom Gadget Reviews

Steve Harvey is playing the biggest dating game ever on March 9 to help a single mom find her shot at love. Plus, he has the latest Mom Gadget Reviews.


A single mother is looking for love, and Steve Harvey is going to help her with her search on his May 9 episode. Can one of the 10 guys he has found be the guy of her dreams? It’s Steve’s Biggest Dating Game Ever. See whom she will choose from this lineup. That seems like a big group to choose from. How would you even narrow that down? Now I guess I know why other dating shows start out with three choices. That seems much more manageable.

Steve Harvey: Mom Gadget Reviews

Steve Harvey is showing off some new products, and he is asking his audience for help. Watch him try out some of the newest gadgets on the market for busy moms. These have been tested and approved by working parents, but what will the audience vote?

Steve’s giving them the choice to use it or lose it in this segment of Mom Gadget Reviews on his May 9 episode. I think it’s fun to get some interaction on these product reviews, because sometimes you see a product on TV that you know just won’t work. This gives people a chance to say that.


Steve Harvey: Mom-Daughter Dilemmas

How can mothers and daughters keep the peace in their relationships? Tune in to see the advice Steve Harvey is giving them that could help all moms and daughters navigate stronger bonds. Plus, Mother’s Day Week continues with a surprise for another deserving mom from the audience.

That’s all on the Steve Harvey episode for May 9 2013.


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