Steve Harvey: Best Dog Shaming Pictures & How To Plan Party On Budget


Steve Harvey: Nephew Tommy

Steve’s morning show co-host Nephew Tommy is coming to Steve Harvey to help a woman get even with her husband. She says he won’t stop playing horrible pranks on her and she wants to get him back.

Steve Harvey: Public Humiliation Punishment For Kids

Punishing kids has become almost a creative sport with parents. From holding signs telling people of their misdemeanors to posting horrible videos on YouTube, these types of punishment only hurt kids.


Dr. John Duffy and Steve look at the controversial punishments and tell parents what works and what hurts. Duffy says that it happens because our lives are more public than ever. Social media has made our lives an open book. Videos go viral quickly. A man shot his daughter’s computer and filmed the punishment. The video became an instant hit and has over 37 million views.

Duffy and Harvey make the point that this is not a good form of punishment. It affects self-esteem and shames the child.


Steve Harvey: Party Planner Stacy Saltzman

Steve is bringing in Stacy Saltzman to plan a party on a budget.

For a $100 party that is elegant, Saltzman recommends having six people over for a BYOB wine tasting event. Spend $50 on food, $40 on decorations and $10 on two bottles of wine. Fondue makes a good snack and you can use a crock pot. You can also use what you have lying around for decor.

Steve Harvey: Best Dog Shaming Pictures & How To Plan Party On Budget

On March 5 2013, Steve Harvey is pulling out the best dog shaming photos.

For a $250 bash, invite 10 people and focus on a theme. Spend $100 on drinks, $80 on food and $70 on decor. Serve a signature drink to keep costs down and a build-your-own food station is a fun snack choice. Step up the decor with a theme and quality decorations.

To throw a $500 swanky event, invite 20 of your friends and use an online invite service. You can serve a wide selection of appetizers and try doing a “his” and “hers” signature drink. Buy things in bulk to save a little. You can spend $200 on food, $150 on beverages, $100 on decor and $50 on utensils.

Steve Harvey: Dog Shaming

While punishing your kids this way would only scar and hurt, your dogs will never know what you’re doing. Online dog shaming is pretty hilarious and adorable. Pet owners place a sign in front of their dog and get them to make a shamed face.

“I like to eat stuffing in the sofa,” or “I steal butter from the counter. I’m a jerk.”


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