Steve Harvey: American Laughing Champion & All Size Shoe Buying Guide


Steve Harvey: American Laughing Champion

Steve is sending everyone home with a laugh as he introduces the American Laughing Champion. Believe me, this is one segment you will want to see. These laughing contestants are outrageous. They laugh so hard they fall on the ground and then they continue laughing until there’s nothing left.

Move over eating competitions. Laughing championships are the next big thing in competitions.


Steve Harvey Advice for Look Good at Any Age

Steve Harvey: American Laughing Champion & All Size Shoe Buying Guide

Steve Harvey May 30 2013 meets the American Laughing Champion, gives advice for shoes of all sizes and finds love for one set of twins.

If want to feel more confident about yourself, this is the episode of Steve Harvey to watch. On his May 30 2013 episode, Steve Harvey shows a number of women how to feel confident in their own skin. It doesn’t matter how old you are. According to Steve, there is someone out there for everyone and you can find them at any age. But you still have to try and he has the advice for looking good at any age.

Steve Harvey’s Shoe Buying Tips

Steve Harvey knows how hard it can be to find a good pair of shoes. Finding the perfect combination of something that looks and feels good while offering your support all day is not easy. Especially for Steve Harvey. He wears a size 11.


To help everyone with really big feet or really small feet or all the other sizes in the middle, Steve Harvey is bringing on a specialists to share the secrets to finding the perfect shoe.

Twin Sisters Looking for Twin Romance

Trying to a partner for one person can be difficult enough but trying to find two people for a set of twins is twice as difficult but Steve Harvey is ready for the challenge. He brings a set of twins on his show and then he scours the country looking for a perfect match for each of them.

Is Steve going to be able to find these women true love?


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