Steve Harvey AcroYoga Review, Tech Tips for Adults & Unusual Weddings


Steve Harvey: Tech Tips for Adults

Keeping up with technology seems to be a necessity nowadays but it may seem impossible to know everything there is to know. If the only person keeping you aware of new technology is your kids, then you should be probably be worried about what they can do with technology that you will never be able to.

Steve Harvey AcroYoga Review, Tech Tips for Adults & Unusual Weddings

Steve Harvey June 4 2013 tries his hand at AcroYoga, he shares some tech tips with adults who want to keep up with their kids and looked at unusual weddings


To help take control of their internet savvy teens, Steve Harvey is inviting tech genius Mario Armstrong to share some of this best tips for keeping up with kids in the technology department.

Beauty Myth Break Down

There are a lot of beauty myths handed down from mother to daughter and most of them believe these myths work. Steve Harvey is going to be debunking their beauty myths and teaching mothers and daughters alike how to get the beauty results they want without any type of strange remedies.

Steve Harvey Tries AcroYoga

It seems like morning talk show have been on a  fitness kick lately and Steve Harvey is the next talk show host to jump on the bandwagon. He is bringing in some AcroYoga instructors to show him how to lose weight while getting a good stretch.


Plus, Steve Harvey has some holistic tips everyone is going to want to remember the next time they sick or sore.

Female Entrepreneur Shares Business Tips

Steve Harvey is inviting a young female entrepreneur on his show to tell her small business success story and to share some of her secrets for being successful.

Unusual Wedding Ceremonies

Finally, Steve Harvey is ending his show by looking at some of the strangest ways people have been tying the knot. Remember the couple who tried to get married in a hot air balloon but then the balloon crashed? Maybe they will be on TV again.

Have you seen any strange ways people have chosen to get married? Let us know what they are in the comments section below.


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