Steve Harvey: Abby Lee Miller Dance Moms Season 3 & ALDC Dance Moves


Steve Harvey: “Hungry Girl” Lisa Lillien

How does a big bowl of steamy, creamy, cheesy pasta sound? Delicious, right? But if you’re preparing for that spring break bod you probably can’t enjoy it. The “Hungry Girl” is coming to Steve Harvey today to share her secrets about making healthy versions of your favorite dishes.

Steve Harvey: Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller

Steve Harvey: Abby Lee Miller Dance Moms Season 3 & ALDC Dance Moves

On March 7 2013, Steve talks to Abby Lee Miller about her dancers and Dance Moms season 3. (Helga Esteb /


The most dreaded name in competitive dance is Abby Lee Miller. The Abby Lee Dance Company, or ALDC for all you Dance Mom fans, sweeps competitions and brings screaming, disgruntled parents in tow. Abby has turned out some of the finest dancers with her focus on technique. Don’t you dare whisper the words “sicle feet” in her presence.

Steve Harvey: Dance Moms Season 3

Steve sits down with Abby to talk about the new season of Dance MomsIt’s no secret that Abby is competitive, but this season she has been shaken to her core. In her world, everyone is replaceable. When her moms revolted in the first episode, Abby called in a whole new team to take the place of Maddie, Paige, Nia, Brooke, Chloe, Kendall and Mackenzie. She found a new favorite in Sophia and then kicked Maddie to the curb. Recently, Maddie has come back into her good graces.

The team needs to watch out, though. The rotten Candy Apples and their witchy leader Cathy are coming after Abby. Cathy will stop at nothing to destroy Abby’s confidence. She scouted a team of male dancers from around the country just to beat Abby’s team. They verbally and physically assaulted Abby at a dance competition, showing us just how far Cathy will go to win.


Steve Harvey: Dance Moves With Abby Lee Miller

Abby suggests looking for a dance teacher like you are looking for a child’s physician. Dance teachers don’t need a license to teach and it’s a very hands-on field. Abby gave Steve some easy moves that he can use to get his dance on.

Would you take your kids to the ALDC?


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