Hungry Girl Comfort Food Recipes & How To Get Over a Bad Breakup


Steve Harvey August 21 2013

If you have ever found yourself at the end of a relationship, you know that it can be difficult to move forward. Steve Harvey is giving his advice on how to get over a bad breakup on his August 21 episode. Also, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien is sharing some tasty comfort foods, and three engaged couples face off for an unforgettable wedding prize. Here’s what’s coming on Wednesday’s episode.

Steve Harvey: How To Get Over a Bad Breakup

Hungry Girl Comfort Food Recipes & How To Get Over a Bad Breakup

Steve Harvey shares advice on how to get over a bad breakup, during his August 21 episode. Plus, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has light comfort food recipes.


One woman is reaching out to Steve Harvey for his advice. She can’t seem to move on after her breakup. You can get Steve’s advice on August 21. But in the meantime, I think one major tip is that you have to spend time getting to know yourself and what you want.

Especially if you have been in a long-term relationship, a breakup is a chance to return to the habits you enjoyed that you might have put on the back burner. Maybe you will discover a new interest or try something for the very first time! Try to embrace the positive and believe that there is a reason you are moving to a new chapter in life.

Lisa Lillien: Hungry Girl Comfort Food Recipes

Lisa Lillien is a Hungry Girl, and that’s why she has dedicated her life to helping others find ways to cut calories and still enjoy their favorite dishes. When she hangs out with Steve Harvey August 21, she is going to help him learn to make Comfort Food Recipes, without the unwanted extra calories. Check out the show to get more of her great recipes!


Steve Harvey TV: Battle of the Nearly Weds

Three engaged couples are duking it out for the chance to win Steve Harvey’s ultimate wedding prize package on August 21. See which couple comes out on top.

Speaking of the top, Steve is also sharing some of the silliest and most creative wedding cake toppers you have ever seen! Tune in to get inspired, or just to have a good laugh, on Steve Harvey August 21.


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