60-Second Workout with Mike Chang + Couples Communication Crisis


Steve Harvey August 27 2013

Communication is one of those critical elements that is so important in life. You may never realize how fundamental it is once you know how to do it effectively, because it becomes natural. But unless you have a good example to start from, you may be stuck in a pattern that does not work for you. Coming up on Steve Harvey August 27 2013, find out how to break out of the mold and mix things up by changing the way you approach communication. Plus, Mike Chang is showing off his personal training expertise with the 60-second workout.

Steve Harvey: Communication Crisis

60-Second Workout with Mike Chang + Couples Communication Crisis

Mike Chang is showing off the 60-second workout on Steve Harvey August 27 2013. Do you think that one minute is enough time to make an impact on the body?


Two people cannot come to an understanding with one another if they do not agree on the fundamentals of a situation. Bridging the gaps is a great way to foster relationships and avoid hurt feelings.

If you are trying to bust out of your communication rut and find something that works better for you, you won’t want to miss Steve Harvey’s August 27 episode. He is helping a husband and wife find the right ways to tell each other what they need to make their relationship even stronger.

Here’s one hint: don’t forget the things that are important to a person you care about. What those are will vary depending on the person, but it’s a good start in proving that you value having that person as a part of your life.


60-Second Workout: Mike Chang Personal Training

Also on the show, personal trainer Mike Chang is showing off the fastest workout in town. We have heard all the secrets and cheats that help you get a better body, but you might be blown away by the 60-second workout.

Hopefully you can use these new moves to impress potential mates and show off your rockin’ new bod. Whether you have the time to take advantage or not, just knowing that a minute is enough time to make a difference can be empowering. Every small choice you make can add up to something big.

Tune in for these segments and a whole lot more surprises on Steve Harvey’s August 27 show.


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