Rachael Ray: Tipsy Strawberry Shortcake + Sprinkles & “Frose”

Rachael Ray: Tipsy Strawberry Shortcake With Sprinkles On Top & “Frose”

Mary Giuliani may be one of Rachael Ray’s favorite guests, purely because of how much fun she brings to the show. Mary joined Rachael and guest co-host Nate Berkus, to reveal a few of her favorite ways to throw a hit party! She first whipped up her Tipsy Strawberry Shortcake with Sprinkles on Top cocktail! As if the name alone didn’t make this boozy treat sound delightful, imagine sipping on a cocktail with actual sprinkles in it! Mary also prepared another cocktail she nicknamed “Frosé” because it uses frozen rosé. If you serve both of those drinks at your next get-together, you’re sure to become the new favorite party host!

To find out how to make both cocktails, click next page.

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