Rachael Ray: Anne Burrell Porchetta With Fall Vegetables Recipe

Rachael Ray: Anne Burrell’s Porchetta With Fall Veggies

Rachael Ray was having a bit of fun during the October 27 episode of her show. Musician Phil Collins joined Rachael to discuss his new book “Not Dead Yet” as Rachael’s version of “Pop Up Video” continued. It was practically the perfect throwback Thursday, made even better with a visit later in the show from chef Anne Burrell. Rachael and Anne surely know how to have a blast in the kitchen together, and they both know exactly how to craft a decadent, delicious meal. Anne showed viewers how to prepare Porchetta with Fall Vegetables. Porchetta is essentially pork, but the crispy skin and juicy, tender meat that will practically have your eyes rolling back in your head. Plus, the perfect pairing for pork is seasonal vegetables!

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