Women’s Underwear Overhaul for Double Butt, Tummy Rolls + Love Handles


Rachael Ray August 30 2013

Rachael Ray is having an Overhaul Hour on her August 30 show, with an Underwear Overhaul Makeover from Gretta Monahan. Also in this hour, did you know that Dr Phil is a grandfather? He is sharing advice on how to overhaul your parenting style.

Gretta Monahan: Women’s Underwear Overhaul

Style expert Gretta Monahan was on the show to help three women with their problem underwear.


Double Butt Underwear Fix: Maidenform Boy Shorts Review

Women's Underwear Overhaul for Double Butt, Tummy Rolls + Love Handles

Rachael Ray’s friend Gretta Monahan staged a women’s underwear overhaul for common trouble spots, featuring Maidenform underwear reviews, on August 30.

If you feel like you have a double butt, try a boy shorts cut that will help you feel more confident and slim. Rachael thought this would be a great look with jeans, and Gretta said it’s about your garment lines hitting the right spots.

Tummy Rolls Underwear Makeover: Classic Women’s Brief

Gretta Monahan explained that if you feel you have multiple stomach rolls, you should go with a supportive classic brief. Let it rest higher at the waistline, giving coverage without making a problem more obvious. “You just need the right shape to flatter your size,” she said.


Love Handles Underwear Overhaul: Hipster Brief Review

For love handles, try a hipster brief, with a bikini brief leg that creates thicker, smoother coverage on the hips. Say goodbye to love handles and choose a look that elongates the torso.

The ladies that Gretta made over were all thrilled with their new undergarment looks. You can find these looks from Maidenform.

Rachael Ray: Dr Phil Work Overhaul

Dr Phil helped members of Rachael’s audience with problems ranging from a workaholic dad to spoiled children. Tune in for the August 30 show to see his advice about not spoiling toddlers and how to set boundaries between home and work.

Plus, Dr Phil opened up on the show about his two young grandchildren. What does he think about his latest nickname in life? Don’t miss the show to find out. All that, plus Chore Wars, is coming up on Rachael Ray’s August 30 show.


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