Rachael Ray’s Cooking School with Nate Berkus & Chef David Burke


Rachael Ray: Top Chef Cooking Methods With Nate Berkus

On April 25 2013, Rachael Ray is hosting a celebrity cooking school. Celebrities and well-known chefs are coming to show off their skills for Rachael’s audience. Lidia Bastianich has simple techniques, like braising, poaching and steaming. Jacques Pepin is teaching Nate Berkus how to prepare garlic for cooking and how to make the perfect omelette every time. Then, Chef David Burke explains dry heat cooking methods to Berkus. Rachael takes all of Berkus’ work and lets his fiance be the judge. How did he do?

Nate Berkus Joins Rachael Ray’s Cooking School

Rachael Ray's Cooking School With Nate Berkus & Chef David Burke

On April 25 2013, Rachael Ray teaches Nate Berkus how to cook with Rachael Ray’s Cooking School. Chef David Burke demonstrates some dry heat cooking. (image credit: s_bukley, Shutterstock.com)


Rachael Ray’s Cooking School has hosted some famous faces. Most recently she taught Regis Philbin the basics of cooking. He went from burning water on the stove to cooking lovely omelettes for his wife in just a few lessons.

Rachael’s next student is talk show host and designer Nate Berkus. He’s learning the basics from Rachael’s friends on April 25. His fiance puts the food to the test.

How To Prep Garlic For Cooking

Jacques Pepin is a celebrated chef and demonstrates how to prepare garlic for cooking. You take a clove and cut off the root end. Take the flat side of your knife and use it to break the clove on your cutting board. From there, you remove the casing. You can now cut, dice, mince or press the garlic to fit your recipe.


Expert Chef Cooking Techniques

Also on this episode, Lidia Bastianich and David Burke demonstrate some of the best cooking techniques. Bastianich is showing Nate Berkus how to braise, poach and steam foods to perfection. Then, chef David Burke leads Berkus through the process of roasting, broiling and grilling. These dry heat cooking methods will please Berkus and his fiance when they go to cook their next date night meal.


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