Rachael Ray: Wicked Canned Tuna Cook-Off & Kitchen Cousins Remodeling


Rachael Ray: Wicked Tuna & Kitchen Cousins Competitions

On April 5 2013, Rachael Ray is having a wicked canned tuna cook-off with the stars of Wicked Tuna. HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins stop by to give you kitchen remodel ideas. Also, Rachael reviews necklaces that will make you look taller.

Rachael Ray: Wicked Canned Tuna Cook-Off

Rachael Ray: Wicked Canned Tuna Cook-Off & Kitchen Cousins Remodeling

On April 5 2013, Rachael and the Wicked Tuna captains cook up canned tuna. They teach Rachael why you don’t want to be a googan.


Rachael and the captains from National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna are cooking with their favorite fish. Captain Dave Marciano and Captain Paul Hebert bring their sea faring rivalry to Rachael’s kitchen. The first ever wicked tuna cook-off is taking place in Rachael’s kitchen. What can you make with a can of tuna?

These captains also teach Rachael some of their “tuna-isms.” If someone calls you a “googan” you shouldn’t take it as a compliment. A googan, according to Urban Dictionary, is a lowlife fisherman who doesn’t follow the rules. You don’t want to be a googan.

Rachael Ray: Kitchen Cousins Remodel

Also on this episode, Rachael Ray hangs out with the Kitchen CousinsOn their HGTV show, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri remodel and revamp kitchens and homes. They show Rachael’s audience on April 5 how to make double-duty designs. Anthony and John create a new backsplash for a kitchen in a few easy steps.


Then, John and Anthony show you how to have a DIY kitchen. If your living area is on the small side, the Kitchen Cousins have two easy ways to increase space, including a “Murphy” desk.

Rachael Ray: Necklaces That Make You Look Taller

Rachael brings in stylists that prove one accessory can make you look taller. Certain lengths and widths of necklaces can make you look thinner and longer. Also, which necklaces should you avoid with your body type?


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