Rachael Ray: Tyra Banks’ Flawsome Ball & Sabrina Soto 48-Hour Makeover


Rachael Ray: Tyra Banks Makeover Takeover

Rachael Ray: Tyra Banks' Flawsome Ball & Sabrina Soto 48-Hour Makeover

On March 5 2013, Tyra Banks tells Rachael Ray about her Flawsome Ball and celebrating your flaws. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

If Tyra Banks walked around a corner and told me she was going to give me a makeover, I’d probably lose it. On today’s Rachael, Tyra does just that! As an audience member is waiting in line for Rachael’s show, a truck pulls up with her picture on the side. Tyra walks around the corner and announces that the audience member is getting a full-body makeover.


With the genius behind America’s Next Top Model working on her, she’s in good hands. Tyra has kick-started the careers of countless models with her show. She may come off a little batty on television, but inside the crazy hat is a brilliant fashion goddess.

Rachael Ray: Tyra Banks’ Modeling Secret

Tyra is teaching Rachael the trick behind her modeling. While “smizing,” smiling with your eyes, is so important, Tyra tells Rachael that the trick is inhaling. Now that we all know the secret to being a top model is breathing, I will be leaving to pursue my career on the next season of Top Model. 


Rachael Ray: Flawsome Ball

At a time when young girls feel their lives will never get better, Tyra is reaching out to help them. With her Flawsome Ball, she has a gala that is celebrating what makes you different…It’s her own version of the “It Gets Better” project.

Tyra’s charity TZONE works with the girls in the Lower Eastside Girls Club to prepare them for bright futures. Many inner city girls are living rough lives revolving around their financial status, violence in their neighborhood, missing school or risky behavior. Tyra is doing her part to help these girls take back their lives. She has career workshops, mentoring and community-wide events to help build self-esteem. The goal it to prepare the girls for lives as change-makers and world shakers.

Rachael Ray: 48-Hour Makeover

Home designer Sabrina Soto is transforming the Urban World NYC’s literary arts education and youth development center. She kept the mural that meant so much to the students and made it pop with black paint. She used carpet tiles, a piece of old bowling alley floor and a magnetic wall garden to make the space new, cool and functional for the teens.


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