Rachael Ray: Thin Mint Pie & Julianne Moore Freckleface Strawberry


Rachael Ray: Girl Scout Cookie Desserts & Making Monsters

Rachael Ray: Thin Mint Pie & Julianne Moore Freckleface Strawberry

On March 18 2013, Rachael Ray is cooking up pies and making monsters with Julianne Moore. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

On March 18 2013, Rachael Ray is cooking up some Girl Scout cookie desserts inspired by thin mints. She creates monsters with Julianne Moore. Clive Davis tells Rachael about his career in music and new memoir.


Rachael Ray: Clive Davis

Music producer Clive Davis shares with Rachael the two downloads that everyone needs to get. He recently purchased Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” and is excited for Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience. These two are of course the biggest songs and albums of the year that no one should miss. I for one will be heading out to Target tomorrow to get the special edition of J.T.’s new masterpiece.

He shares little known facts about artists that he has worked with. Davis says that Alicia Keys is not only an amazingly talented woman, but she’s also charitable. He says he likes her heart for helping others and knows that she will be a hall of famer.

Davis brought Whitney Houston to the world. Rachael has a photo of Houston from one of her first performances. Davis will reminisce about Houston’s talent and power in the music world. She is dearly missed.


Rachael Ray: Julianne Moore “Freckleface Strawberry”

Rachael Ray and Julianne Moore won’t be talking about acting, they’ll do something much more fun. Moore will talk about her series of books Freckleface Strawberry. An adorable little redhead goes on adventures in the series based on her life.

She now has a Freckleface Strawberry app that you can download for free. With the app for iPad, Freckleface Strawberry helps you create your own monster. You can make it furry or scaly, pink or orange, with curly horns or furry feet. The app is adorable and Rachael is going to have a lot of fun recording her own monster sounds.

Rachael Ray: Thin Mint Pie

Rachael seems to be under the impression that we have leftover Girl Scout cookies. There is no such thing as leftover Girl Scout cookies. But if you have achieved the impossible, Rachael has recipes for desserts that you can add the cookies to.

Trefoils or shortbread cookies can be used to make an apple crisp. She’s also making a Thin Mint cookies and cream pie. Rachael tells us that Girl Scout cookies have different names all over the country, but no matter what you call them they are delicious.


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