Rachael Ray: Scott Baio’s Daughter Bailey & Making a Pet First Aid Kit


Rachael Ray: Scott Baio & Pet Adoptions

On March 25 2013, Rachael Ray is talking to Scott Baio about his sitcom career and his young daughter. Then, Rachael has everything you will ever need to know about adopting a pet. She’s finding new homes for puppies, first aid tips and showing you what you need in a pet’s first aid kit.

Rachael Ray: Scott Baio's Daughter Bailey & Making a Pet First Aid Kit

On March 25 2013, Rachael Ray talks to Scott Baio about his five-year-old daughter Bailey. s_bukley / Shutterstock.com


Rachael Ray: Scott Baio’s Daughter & Dating Advice

Charles is no longer in charge. Scott Baio was a teenage heartthrob, then reality show train wreck and now he’s getting things together as a dad. Baio tells Rachael about the person that is really in charge in his life, his daughter Bailey. He brings the adorable five-year-old to Rachael’s show. He tells Rachael his rules for dating and what he’s going to tell his daughter about love.

Rachael and Baio play a round of famous faces. What does Baio have to say about working with Henry Winkler and Dick Van Dyke? Rachael has a surprise face in the mix she hopes Baio can explain.

Rachael Ray: Pet Adoptions

Rachael has two puppies that need a good home. She talks about adopting rescues and why adopting is a good option. Rachael then checks in with four puppies that got adopted when Katherine Heigl was on her show.


Rachael Ray: Pet First Aid

Do you know how to give your dog CPR? You may think this is a strange question, but think about it. Your pet is a family member and he/she could need you in an emergency. Rachael brings in a vet that will show you how to bandage a pet’s wound and clean something out of their eye.

It’s also a good idea to build a first aid kit specifically for your pet. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, you should keep the essentials on hand in case of emergency.


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