Rachael Ray: Paloma Faith “Just Be” & Thandie Newton Rogue Review


Rachael Ray: Paloma Faith Performs & Thandie Newton Rogue 

On April 3 2013, Rachael Ray talks with Thandie Newton about her new series, Rogue. Paloma Faith performs for the first time on Rachael. Rachael shows you four ways to use pineapple in your meals and how to enter the DOLE California Cook-Off. Then, Peter Walsh has five items that you need to clean in your home.

Rachael Ray: Paloma Faith "Just Be" & Thandie Newton Rogue Review

On April 3 2013, Rachael Ray gets a performance from U.K. singer-songwriter Paloma Faith. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Rachael Ray: Paloma Faith

U.K. singer-songwriter Paloma Faith is working on her U.S. career. She’s wrapped her Fall to Grace tour in the U.K. and is currently writing her next album while spending time in the states.

Fans of Adele and Birdy will enjoy Paloma Faith’s sound. She’s performing her song “Just Be” on April 3. The vocals are impressive and I can tell that she is going to be the next radio hit. She has a unique voice that is youthful and also mature. I can see her music becoming the next breakup jam.

Racheal Ray: Thandie Newton Rogue 

Thandie Newton is starring in Audience Network’s newest show Rogue. The show is DirecTV’s first foray into original programming. Newton plays Grace, a confused undercover detective that fears she had something to do with her son’s death. Grace falls into a crime family’s drama and struggles to be the supportive wife and mother her family needs. She falls into a relationship with a crime boss and finds out he may have also had a part in her son’s death.


Rachael Ray: Pineapple Secrets

Rachael’s food stylists come by to show you how to use pineapple in new and tasty ways. They have four ways to use pineapple to spice up a meal. Their tips will show you how to enter the DOLE California Cook-Off.

Rachael Ray: Peter Walsh Cleaning Tips

Peter Walsh is a spring cleaning guru. He has the five household items that you never clean, but really should. He shows Rachael how to clean shower heads, Keurig coffee makers, pillows and more.


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