Rachael Ray Mother’s Day: Patricia Heaton & Joey Fatone Family Recipe


Rachael Ray May 8 2013

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? It seems like that is all anyone is talking about this week, and even Rachael Ray is giving in on Wednesday’s episode. Here’s what’s in store for Rach and her guests, Patricia Heaton, Jersey Shore‘s Vinny, and a Joey Fatone family recipe.

Rachael Ray: Patricia Heaton Mother’s Day

Rachael Ray Mother's Day: Patricia Heaton & Joey Fatone Family Recipe

It’s a Mother’s Day extravaganza on May 8 for Rachael Ray and her guests: The Middle’s Patricia Heaton, a Joey Fatone family recipe & Jersey Shore’s Vinny. (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)


Patricia Heaton is learning some breakfast in bed recipes, including easy pancakes, since apparently her kids need a little encouragement in the area of Mother’s Day gifts. Find out what The Middle star said was her best Mother’s Day gift ever, and be sure to see what Rachael has to say about the actress’s prowess in the kitchen.

Heaton is a mother of four children, so she probably knows how to keep kids in line around the house. At least, let’s hope so. Otherwise she could be in serious trouble if the little ones take over the house.

Rachael Ray: Joey Fatone Family Recipe

Joey Fatone is bringing his mother along to Rachael’s kitchen on May 8 2013, which is only appropriate given that he is sharing a family recipe on the show. She is probably the one who taught him how to make it.


Check out the former ‘NSYNC member’s family memories when he and his mom come to Rachael’s Mother’s Day party on May 8.

Rachael Ray: Jersey Shore Mom

From Jersey Shore, Vinny is bringing his mother, Paola, to Rachael Ray’s show for a special Mother’s Day gift. Kyan Douglas is giving Vinny’s mother a makeover, because she has had the same hairstyle for over 30 years! Even I change up my hair more often than that.

Whether you need some recipe inspiration or just need a break from the chaos of a holiday week where you are obligated to get a gift, Rachael Ray has an escape planned for you on the May 8 show.


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