Rachael Ray: Montel Williams MS Run & The Following’s James Purefoy


Rachael Ray: Montel Williams & James Purefoy

On April 8 2013, Rachael Ray hangs out with Montel Williams. He shares his fitness smoothies and secret to six pack abs. Then, The Following’s James Purefoy tells Rachael why he is one of the scariest villains on TV. Also, Rachael shows her gratitude to the troops and gives a soldier a family meal.

Rachael Ray: Montel Williams

Montel Williams is most famous for his crazy talk show, paternity tests and cheating scandals. He couldn’t beat Jerry Springer or Maury in the ratings, so he’s turned to side projects. Montel is thriving in the fitness world. On April 8, Montel and Rachael make a fitness smoothie. He says it’s a great way to get kids to eat their veggies.


Rachael Ray: Montel Williams MS Run & The Following's James Purefoy

On April 8 2013 Rachael interviews James Purefoy, star of The Following. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Montel shares his approach to health. He was diagnosed with MS 14 years ago. With his health taking a front seat, Montel began making healthy changes to his life. He and Rachael get into exercise tips on April 8. An audience member wants to know how to get washboard abs. Montel shares his at home workouts and Rachael gives them a try.

Rachael Ray: James Purefoy

On The FollowingJames Purefoy is a serial killer with a freaky mind. He taunts and tortures Kevin Bacon’s character and doesn’t bat an eye at killing.


James’ last big role was Mark Anthony on RomeHe also played Prince Edward in A Knight’s Tale. His new role is definitely a new direction, but with his acting career he is definitely going to go far.

On April 8, James shares The Following with Rachael and tells her about the Italian dish that moves him to tears.

Rachael Ray: Operation Gratitude

Also in this episode, Rachael shares a meal with the soldier who received the 750,000 care package from Operation Gratitude. The organization shares a little bit of home, love and gifts with the soldiers serving. They are expecting to reach their one millionth care package in December 2013.


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