Rachael Ray: Mindy Kaling Living In a Romantic Comedy & Mindy Project


Rachael Ray: Mindy Kaling

Step off, Zooey Deschanel. The new quirky girl is Mindy Kaling. It doesn’t even matter that Rachael is a repeat from October 16 2012, Mindy Kaling is excellent anytime.

Rachael Ray: Mindy Kaling Living In a Romantic Comedy & Mindy Project

On March 6 2013, Rachael got fantastic compliments from Mindy Kaling. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


In her memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Kaling talks about how she paid her dues in the comedy writing business. She had to work her way up and gain respect among her peers. Rachael Ray got a shout out in the book, but it wasn’t for what you’d expect. Kaling jokes that when she has too much sugary soda she “acts like a cracked out Rachael Ray.” Okay, maybe it was for what you expected.

Rachael Ray: The Mindy Project

Kaling played desperate girl Kelly Kapoor on The Office, which is ending it’s nine year run on television this spring. Don’t fret, Kaling is working two jobs and we’ll be able to enjoy her long after The Office ends. The Mindy Project gets better every week. She plays an OB/GYN named Mindy that doesn’t have her life in order. She’s told by her bestie, played by Anna Camp, that she needs to get her life in order and settle down. She sets off on a mission to find her true love.

The show really started slow and was hard for me to get into. I stuck with it, because I love my girl Mindy, and the show has blown up. I never miss a week and I’m in love with her co-star Chris Messina. That is a dashing man, ladies and gents.


Rachael Ray: Mindy Kaling On Love

Mindy tells Rachael that she would love to live in a romantic comedy. She’s a huge sucker for Tom Hanks and You’ve Got Mailjust like her character Mindy Lahiri. She said she would love to live in a Nora Ephron or Woody Allen romantic comedy.

Rachael Ray: Mindy Kaling Compliments Rachael

As they say in Kaling’s hometown of Boston, “Mindy is wicked awesome.” Rachael gave her 60 seconds to talk about her projects, but all she wanted to do was compliment Rachael. She said that she got enough praise from Rachael throughout the interview and she just wanted to tell Rachael she looks beautiful.


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