Rachael Ray: Megan HIlty “It Happens All the Time” New Album Review


Rachael Ray: First Aid Tips

Rachael Ray: Megan HIlty "It Happens All the Time" New Album Review

Smash star Megan Hilty talked to Rachael Ray about her new album, It Happens All the Time. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

On March 19 2013, Rachael Ray is talking with Dr. Ian Smith about food that can be used for first aid. Sara Moulton teaches you how to figure out your freezer. Then, Smash star Megan Hilty performs “No Cure” from her new album.


Rachael Ray: Dr Ian Smith First Aid Foods

Dr Ian Smith has the vegetables and foods that can treat burns, stings and cuts. These are only minor injuries, not big fixes.

Onions can treat a burn because they have sulfur compounds. They help with pain and inflammation. Just cut an onion in half and place it directly on the burn. To get rid of the onion smell, Rachael suggests rubbing stainless steel against your hand. Speaking from experience, these tricks totally work!

Black pepper will help your blood clot. For a minor cut, sprinkle some black pepper on your cut and put a bandage over it. If it lasts longer than 10 minutes, seek medical help.


For stings, cornstarch and vinegar in a paste will dry up on your sting and kill the pain. They have some anti-inflammatory properties and help with pain.

Rachael Ray: Sara Moulton Freezer 101

Sara Moulton is sharing her tips for freezer success. You should chill your items before freezing them because they will have a better texture and taste when you pull them out.

For freezer burn, air is your enemy. Excess air in the freezer container will cause the food to freezer burn. You can save the food by scraping or cutting the area off.

Vacuum sealers are your best friend with freezing. They run around $30 and they’ll suck out all the excess air from your food. Remember, air is your enemy.

Rachael Ray: Megan Hilty

Megan Hilty is coming back to Rachael to talk about debut album, It Happens All The TimeShe said what made the experience real for her was the annoying sticker on the top of the CD.

She accomplished another dream: performing at Carnegie Hall. She said she wore lots of dresses with sparkles.

Her CD is a little more pop than her fans might think. She said Smash helped her find her sound. She hates listening to herself because she finds mistakes. Megan will perform her song “No Cure” for Rachael’s audience. She has a great sound that even non-Smash fans will enjoy.


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