Rachael Ray: Manology Review, Tyrese Performance & Travel Packing Tips


Rachael Ray: Rev Run and Tyrese Manology Review

Tyrese and Rev Run have teamed up to write the book Manology, a book about the way men think. Manology helps women weed out all the men they think are right for them and find their one true Mr. Right. They also give advice on how to get a man to open up, why a man will never change his ways and the best strategies for women to accept who their man is and how they can go on living with his downsides.

Tyrese and Rev Run are stopping by Rachael Ray to talk with her about how a woman’s wardrobe can really tell a lot about a person. Rachael Ray even brings out a few models to test whether they know what they are talking about or not.


Rachael Ray: Manology Review, Tyrese Performance & Travel Packing Tips

Rachael Ray April 2 2013 is talking with Rev Run and Tyrese about their new book Manology, Tyrese is performing and Rachael has tips for packing a suitcase. (cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com)

“Dress how you want to be addressed,” Rev Run said.

The two are also laying down their dating laws. Although Rev Run is married with six children and Tyrese is a single father who is nervous about settling down, the two have come to terms with the best rules for dating everyone needs to follow.


Rachael Ray: Tyrese Performance

Tyrese has been putting his music career on the back burners as of late but he is going to be treating the Rachael Ray audience to a special performance off his upcoming album, Black Rose.

Rachael Ray: How To Pack Smart For Vacation

If you struggle to close your suitcase every time you take a vacation or go on a business trip, then this segment is for you. Rachael Ray is bringing on celebrity stylist Brad Goreski to show you how to fit all your fashion essentials into one carryon bag. I know it sounds almost impossible, but it can be done.

According to him, he packs his suitcase like you make a seven layer nacho dish.


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