Rachael Ray Makeover Mania: 31″ Haircut & Twins Get Individual Style


Rachael Ray: Going Gray & Twin Makeover Mania

On April 26 2013, Rachael Ray brings in stylists to give amazing makeovers you have to see to believe. Cynde Watson, beauty expert, gives a woman a gray hair revitalization. Twins have had the same look for 59 years. They are getting an individual and unique style. Two audience members are getting an impromptu makeover. And also, a woman with 31 inches of hair length gets a haircut from Kyan Douglas.

Rachael Ray Makeover Mania: 31 In Haircut & Twins Get Individual Style

On April 26 2013, Rachael Ray gives a woman a 31 inch haircut and twins gets individual style in an edition of makeover mania.


Twins Get Individual Style With Makeover

When you have a twin it’s like you share one brain. Your parents might dress you alike as toddlers and you can share clothes. When twins grow up they generally come into their own. The sisters on Rachael’s April 26 episode decided to stick with each other. They have had the same looks for 59 years and now they are shaking things up.

Woman Cuts Off 31 Inches Of Hair

Kyan Douglas is helping one guest get rid of over a foot of hair. She’s grown her hair to 31 inches in length. While that’s impressive, it will be even more amazing when she cuts it all off on April 26.

Cynde Watson Gray Hair Makeover

A woman that has been going gray since she was 20 is getting a hair revitalization. Hair expert Cynde Watson is giving her gray hair a revitalization. You won’t believe how she looks with a new, fresh hair color. It takes 20 years off her her look when she gets a different look.


Rachael Ray: Audience Makeover Mania

Also on this episode, Rachael Ray gives women in her audience five minute makeovers. Lilliana Vazquez and Gretta Monahan bring their talents to this makeover mania on April 26. Two women get plucked from their seats to get a new look.


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