Rachael Ray: Maggie Grace Californication & Does the “WaxVac” Work?


Rachael Ray: Embarrassing Beauty Problems

Rachael Ray: Maggie Grace Californication & Does the "WaxVac" Work?

The beautiful Maggie Grace keep her embarrassing beauty secrets well-hidden. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

We’re humans and our bodies do weird stuff sometimes. Rachael Ray is showing us new, equally weird, ways to control ourselves and keep the illusion that we’re all perfect. From science fiction products that control ear wax to putting something special in your high heels, these secrets will keep you in comfort.


Rachael Ray: Human Lab

What are some of the strangest parts of being a human? Ear wax, hair everywhere, smells? Whatever your problem may be, “Human Lab” will help you keep it a secret. Rachael is calling in reinforcements.

The E-Z Callus Peel gives you a new and painless way to get rid of tough cuticles and calluses. You can apply a patch to soften the callus, peel it off “like an orange,” file the callus down and then apply a soothing lotion. My skin hurts just thinking of it, but if it works!

Say it isn’t so. Nads Nose Wax is a real thing. First of all, ow. Second, if this is a problem you have, hooray! There is a solution. Word of warning: if you have a mustache, invest in one of those snazzy liners the model has in the video. Not only will you look awesome, but you won’t want to risk your ‘stache.


The final product Rachael tries out today is the WaxVac. I’ve always wanted to know if this product works. The people on late night infomercials seem to think so! It really does look like something straight from a science fiction movie. I’ve always thought the guy cleaning his ears with cotton swabs was overreacting.

Rachael Ray: Zanna Roberts Rassi Fashion Advice

Straight from New York Fashion Week, we’re learning tips from the pros. How do they get the volume, lift and look that we covet on the runway? Rachael takes us behind the scenes at BCBG Max Azria and alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet. What inspired this season’s designs? How do the models cope with the rush of fashion week?

Marie Claire’s Zanna Roberts Rassi has a new trick to keep your feet comfy in heels. Forget Dr. Scholl’s and don’t worry about heel height. The solution to your heel trouble is a panty liner. Genius! You won’t worry about slipping in the shoes and they have just enough cushion to keep you happy. Why women never thought of this before now is beyond me.

Rachael Ray: Maggie Grace Californication 

The beautiful Maggie Grace is chatting with Rachael about working on Californication with David Duchovny. What should viewers expect from the new season? Also, she’ll share her ideas for the plot of Taken 3. 


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