Rachael Ray: Lindt Gold Bunny Auction & Ashanti On Army Wives Season 7


Rachael Ray: Making Groceries Last – Sara Moulton Tips

On today’s Rachael Ray, Rachael is getting tips on how to make groceries last longer. Public Television’s Sara Moulton has ways to increase shelf life and extend your budget.

One of the biggest mistakes Moulton is correcting is what to keep in your fridge. Sara’s tip for preserving for onions: tie them up in pantyhose and hang them! Rachael’s never seen this before. And does sticking a bay leaf in your flour keep it fresh? You’ll be amazed.


Rachael Ray: Lindt Gold Bunny Auction & Ashanti On Army Wives Season 7

On March 7 2013, Rachael talks to Ashanti about her role on Army Wives season 7. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Rachael Ray: Jennie Garth Memory Lane

Walking down memory lane can either be nostalgic and wonderful or horribly embarrassing. For Jennie Garth it’s probably a little of both. She loved her days on 90210, but that was 20 years ago.

Jennie’s also asking for Rachael’s help. She has her sign a Lindt Gold Bunny for a celebrity auction. The proceeds go to Autism Speaks. From March 5 to 15 you can bid on porcelain versions of the iconic chocolate bunny. Other celebrities with bunnies include: Andrew Garfield, Betty White, Celine Dion, Diane Keaton, Jane Lynch, Lauren Conrad, Mayim Bialik, Owen Wilson and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Rachael Ray: Ashanti Army Wives Season 7

Ashanti took a five year break from music, but now she’s back in full force. Rachael talks to her about her first album since 2008, Braveheartout June 4. Her career is really starting to pick up again.

She’s also stepping into television on Army WivesOn the new season airing March 10 on Lifetime, Ashanti plays Latasha Montclair. She’s a “Southern Hospitality” woman that is raising three kids while her husband, Quincy, is serving his country. Does she really have it all together or will her cracks start to show? 

Then it’s a fun round of “Would You Rather?” Rachael asks Ashanti if she would rather have a guy with looks or a sense of humor. Will she choose lipstick or mascara?


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