Rachael Ray: Lily Tomlin Cheerleader & Medical Tests You Need To Get


Rachael Ray: Mystery Taster & Medical Tests You Need

On March 20 2013, Rachael Ray has a mystery taster that is a legend of stage, TV and film. Rachael breaks down the three medical tests that many women avoid, but you really shouldn’t.

Rachael Ray: Mystery Taster

Rachael Ray: Lily Tomlin Cheerleader & Medical Tests You Need To Get

Lily Tomlin stopped by Rachael Ray and told Rachael about her worst audition ever. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Today’s mystery taster is a legend of stage, TV and screen. She’s currently starring on Malibu Country with Reba McEntire.

Lily Tomlin tells Rachael how she became all of her characters. She based her character Little Edith on herself and her childhood. She says her parents used to take her to clubs, bars and church as a kid. She mixed in a little bit of a little girl she knew as a kid that had a very deep voice. She built a whole life for the character.

Both Rachael and Lily were cheerleaders. Rachael says the cheerleaders in her group used to get in a lot of trouble.


Lily has worked in so many areas, she joked that she wants a cooking show next. She says live theater was her favorite. She compares it to a blind date because you never know if it will go badly or go great. She tells Rachael she was at a Broadway show that was very serious and her cell phone went off. She was mortified and she pretended that it wasn’t her phone. She also told Rachael about her worst audition ever. Check out this video for the details on her embarrassing audition.

Rachael Ray: Medical Tests You Need To Get

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall tells us the three tests we should be getting.

Cholesterol Test: Cholesterol tests are indicators of heart disease and stroke. You want to check HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. You want your cholesterol at less than 200, triglycerides at less than 100 and the HDL varies based on age.

Mammogram: Some women are afraid that the test is going to hurt and so they avoid the mammogram. It’s important to get a mammogram test to detect abnormalities and breast cancer. Rachael and her volunteer both said the test does not hurt.

Stress Test: This is a test that many doctors will give you as a follow-up to a traditional exam. This test puts your heart under stress and brings symptoms out. You get hooked up to an EKG machine and blood pressure cuff. They watch for normal heart rate and blood pressure. A stress test can take different amounts of time, but you have to hit your target heart rate.


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