Rachael Ray: Lara Spencer Edible Easter Basket & Easter Peeps Secrets


Rachael Ray: Easy Easter Ideas

On March 28 2013, Rachael Ray is getting ready for Easter. She’s bringing in her friends Lara Spencer, Genevieve Gorder and Marc Summers to share in the celebration. They all bring their Easter traditions and fun facts about the holiday.

Rachael Ray: Lara Spencer Easter Décor

Rachael Ray: Lara Spencer Edible Easter Basket & Easter Peeps Secrets

On March 28 2013, Rachael Ray breaks chocolate bunnies, makes an edible Easter basket and finds out how many Peeps are produced in a season.


Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer usually sticks to celebrity gossip. On March 28, Lara and Rachael share some traditional Easter crafts. Lara is making an egg carton flower holder. She says that it is easy enough to make with the kids. She’s teaching us how to make an edible Easter basket and all the décor you need for the holiday.

Rachael Ray: HGTV Easter

HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder comes to Rachael to share egg dying ideas. She has some new approaches to egg decorating. If you want to use only the most organic and natural dyes, Genevieve has the tricks you need.

After some egg dying fun, Rachael and Genevieve go head-to-head in a game of “Double Hare.” Unwrapped’s Marc Summers brings candy trivia and a challenge for Rachael. They have to smash chocolate bunnies and throw eggs into baskets.


Rachael Ray: Easter Candy

Summers also breaks down the amount of Peeps sold during the holiday. Personally, I’m not a Peeps gal. I usually need one little pink marshmallow chick to get me through the whole year. I’d much rather have a chocolate bunny. I recently found M&M’s Easter pastels. They are all the amazing of regular M&M’s, but in baby pink, robin’s egg blue and pastel yellow.

My favorite Easter candy is Starburst Jellybeans. They even make them in all reds and specific fruits now. That’s how I always know it’s Easter season, Starburst Jellybeans.

What’s your favorite Easter candy? Tell us why you love Peeps, chocolate bunnies or Cadbury Eggs in the comments!


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