Rachael Ray: Katharine McPhee Smash & Ali Wentworth Under Eye Surgery


Rachael Ray: Ali Wentworth Eye Surgery

Ali Wentworth has been everywhere lately. She’s pretty much the new poster girl for successful plastic surgery. Had you not seen her before she had her under eye bags removed, you would have never know she went under the knife. On today’s Rachael Ray Show she’ll give Rachael’s audience advice on undergoing plastic surgery. Wentworth has said she will never get cosmetic surgery done again, but the under eye reduction was a great choice. It’s natural and well-done.

Another fun fact about Wentworth – she’s married to Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos. Talk about odd couples. Wentworth is crazy, flirty and a little bit dirty while her husband reports hard news and wears suits on the regular. He better watch out, because Wentworth’s been flirting with Rachael’s mullet makeover!


Rachael Ray: Katharine McPhee Smash & Ali Wentworth Under Eye Surgery

Katharine McPhee will have a smashing time talking about the new season of Smash and smashing bottles over Rachael Ray’s head. Smash! (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Besides being an insatiable flirt and plastic surgery success story, Wentworth is also a New York Times best-selling author. her book Ali In Wonderland is a hilarious memoir about growing up with her White House social secretary mother. She tells stories about her ridiculous roommates and how she has grown up over the years.

Rachael Ray: Mullet Makeover Kyan Douglas

Kyan Douglas is pretty attached to his hairstyle. He’s rocked the mullet for 30 years, but on today’s Rachael Ray he’s ditching his locks for a 2013 makeover. What will his family think of the change? Will he have separation anxiety? And will his kids recognize their dad in a modern makeover?


Rachael Ray: Katharine McPhee Smash

She’s a Smash hit. NBC star and former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee tells Rachael about the new season of Smash. Her character on Smash is a struggling actress with big Broadway dreams. She has to face off against evil casting directors and nemesis Broadway stars.

Her career has been an interesting one. She got her break on season five of American Idol. From there, she went into acting. She had a role in the hilarious House Bunny alongside other starlets on the verge of breaking out – Emma Stone, Kat Dennings and Anna Faris as the Playboy Bunny Shelley. McPhee played a pregnant college student with a killer voice.

On today’s show, McPhee will show Rachael another meaning of the word “smash.” She’ll smash play bottles over Rachael’s head in a strange game. Not sure what this says about Rachael, but it looked like she was enjoying the smashing. McPhee was a little scared of the game.


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