Rachael Ray: Kate Hudson Workout Makeover & Carter Oosterhouse


Rachael Ray January 31 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

Kate Hudson is promoting her Fabletics apparel on Rachael Ray’s show this Friday, January 31. Also on the show, Carter Oosterhouse is showing you some ways to make more space around your house. Plus, it’s the exciting conclusion of Meatball Madness Week, as Rachael shows you one more way to make these tasty treats. Here’s what to watch for on Friday.


Rachael Ray: Kate Hudson Workout Makeover

Rachael Ray: Kate Hudson Workout Makeover & Carter Oosterhouse

Design guru Carter Oosterhouse is showing you space savers around the house on Rachael Ray January 31, as Meatball Madness Week concludes with Kate Hudson. (carrie-nelson / Shutterstock.com)

Kate Hudson is showing ladies how to make over their style when they are thinking about hitting the gym or going for a run. Find out why she is so passionate about the company she started, Fabletics, and why she wanted to connect with women.

See how Hudson helps three real audience members get new looks for their next workouts. Plus, she is helping Rachael in the kitchen as her sous chef. That you will have to see to believe.


Rachael Ray: Carter Oosterhouse Space Savers

Design guru Carter Oosterhouse is back on Rachael’s show this Friday, and he is showing us all how to save more space around the house. From the bathroom to the kitchen and everywhere else you need more space, he will have the solutions you may never have thought about. Be sure to watch and find out how you can save even more space in your home or apartment.

Carter always has great ideas, so be sure to load up on his free advice from Rachael’s January 31 episode.

Rachael Ray: Cheesesteak Meatballs Recipe

The grand finale of Meatball Madness Week is upon us, just in time for the Super Bowl. Rachael Ray is working with Kate Hudson to make something so decadent and delicious that you never could have dreamed it.

Tune in for her Cheesesteak Meatballs with Provolone Fondue, giving you a mouthful of goodness in every snack-sized bite. Who could have conceived of such a clever combo?

Plus, Rach is making classic Chicken Parmigiana for dinner. Don’t miss out on Friday’s all new hour.


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