Rachael Ray: Julia Kozerski 160 Lb Weight Loss & Hayden Panettiere


Rachael Ray: Hayden Panettiere Country Music Knowledge

Being a leading lady in one of the biggest shows in America that has everything to do with music and you would think Hayden Panettiere would know everything about country music. Rachael Ray is putting her to the test to find out if she answer some of her country music trivia.

Rachael Ray: Julia Kozerski 160 Lb Weight Loss & Hayden Panettiere

Rachael Ray May 23 2013 is talking with Julia Kozerski about bher 160 pound weight loss, she gives her a makeover and helps a mom with her seafood menu. (CarlaVanWagoner / Shutterstock.com)


How well would you do in a game of country music trivia? How well do you think Hayden is going to do?

I feel like if she does bad this game, she is going to catch a little flack from co-star Connie Britton for not knowing everything there is to know about country music.

Julia Kozerski 160 Pounds Weight Loss

Julia Kozerski became an internet sensation when she began posting photos everyday of her 160 pound weight loss. She was an art student at the time she began the experiment. She was working on a project called “Half,”  a portrait series she never intended on publishing. But after her wedding in 2009, Kozerski said she wanted to do something drastic to her appearance so she started working out, losing weight and documenting the whole thing for the world to see.


This isn’t entirely a feel good story. Julia says she still struggles with her image to this day. She still sees herself as this large women who is obese and unattractive. It is hard for her to see herself as she truly is today and she has no idea how to dress herself. She is still wearing baggy clothes to hide the fat she got rid of.

In an effort to help Julia feel more attractive, Rachael Ray is inviting her on the show not only to hear her remarkable tale of weight loss but also to give her a once in a lifetime makeover.

Mom Restaurateur Ask for Recipes for Her Seafood Menu

Rachael Ray is helping out one restaurateur mother who says the seafood menu at her restaurant is slacking quite a bit and she needs some help finding new,interesting ways to cook fish. Rachael Ray steps up to the plate (literally a plate of fish) and shows this mom how to take her menu from drab to delicious.


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