Rachael Ray: Jim Cantore Storm Survival Kit & Beth Stern Amazing Pets


Rachael Ray: Jim Cantore Storm Survival Kit & Amazing Pets With Beth Stern

On April 18 2013, Rachael Ray gives you five ways to kick you New Year’s resolutions back in gear. Did you plan on losing weight before swimsuit season? There is still time. Also, extreme weatherman Jim Cantore has a guide for putting together the perfect storm survival kit. Then, Beth Stern brings in some of her most amazing animals. You won’t believe what these pooches can do.

Dr Ian Smith: Get Healthy Now

Rachael Ray: Jim Cantore Storm Survival Kit & Beth Stern Amazing Pets

On April 18 2013, Rachael Ray gets storm survival tips from Jim Cantore.


In this episode, Rachael brings in her healthiest friend, Dr Ian Smith. Dr Ian has penned some of the most amazing workout and diet books, including his Shred Diet. Shred: The Revolutionary Diet promises that in just six weeks you can lose four inches and two sizes. This gives you plenty of time to kick that last bit of holiday weight.

In addition to his “Shred” tips, Dr Ian has five ways to get healthy now. Whether that’s exercise or dieting, it’s all good news with swimsuit season is coming.

Rachael Ray: DIY Storm Survival Kit

With spring coming we’re ditching the snow and we’re getting ready for tornado season. Jim Cantore is a weatherman for Weather Center on The Weather Channel. This guy loves extreme weather. He’s been working at The Weather Channel for 25 years and he’s an expert on storms.


It’s always wise to be prepared. On this episode, Cantore shows us how to assemble the essentials for a storm survival kit. You’ll need more than just bottled water and bandages in this segment.

Rachael Ray: Beth Stern Amazing Pets

Beth Stern has some amazing animal friends. She’s bringing a dog that rides a bicycle to Rachael on April 19. Stern is hosting the new show, Spoiled Rotten Pets. The show features some of the most pampered and high maintenance animals in the world. She’s met potbelly pigs that eat cupcakes, along with ducks that use diapers.

Stern’s book, Oh My Dog: How to Choose, Train, Groom, Nurture Feed and Care for Your Best Friend, is now available.


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