Rachael Ray: Jenny McCarthy VH1 Show & Dental Floss Skin Tag Remedy?


Rachael Ray: Jenny McCarthy

Who better to spend a Friday with than party woman Jenny McCarthy? Rachael is talking to the comedian, actress, mom and now late night host on March 8 2013.

Rachael Ray: Jenny McCarthy VH1 Show & Dental Floss Skin Tag Remedy?

On March 8 2013, Jenny McCarthy tells Rachael Ray about The Jenny McCarthy Show on VH1. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Jenny recently moved to Chicago to give her son, Evan, a normal life. When your mom is Jenny McCarthy, your life isn’t normal all the time. In Chicago, Jenny and her son are surrounded by friends and family. She told Wendy Williams that she knows her son will find lifelong friends in Chicago.

After a series of breakups it seems like everyone wants to set Jenny up. Wendy Williams played a dating game with her and now Rachael wants to know Jenny’s type. In “Marry, Make Out, Move On” Jenny and Rachael go through celebrity men. She has a thing for Bradley Cooper, so maybe he’s available?

The Jenny McCarthy Show has Jenny traveling back and forth to New York, but she’s enjoying it thus far. She’s talked to Adrienne Bailon, Carson Kressley and other celebrities in a night club like setting. The show airs 10:30/9:30c on VH1.


Rachael Ray: Dr. Young Embarrassing Body Issues

Everyone has one. A deep secret that you hide from the world as best you can. Rachael brings in Dr. Youn to address a series of body issues that people face everyday. Dr. Youn has treatments for skin tags, acne, stretched ear lobes and bad breath.

He tells us how to get rid of skin tags using different at-home procedures, including dental floss. My skin is cringing in pain just from the thought.

He thinks we can get rid of acne at home for under $50 using a new laser. The Tanda Zap is FDA approved and you can try it risk free. It uses a powerful, but gentle, blue light technology that dermatologists use. The product uses sonic vibration and warmth to clear moderate acne blemishes in about 24 hours.

Dr. Youn wraps it up by telling viewers how to get rid of the bacteria that causes bad breath. Even if you brush your teeth multiple times a day, you may need his tips!


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