Rachael Ray: Jane Fonda Being a Teen & Lawrence Zarian Makeovers


Rachael Ray March 10 2014

Recapo update: Here is the recipe from this show.

Start Monday with a bang when Jane Fonda visits Rachael Ray on March 10 2014. The star is back to promote a new book for teens about love and relationships. She has been through it all! Style expert Lawrence Zarian is giving the audience simple makeover solutions, and Rachael is cooking up deep dish deliciousness on the next episode.


Rachael Ray: Jane Fonda Being a Teen Review

Rachael Ray: Jane Fonda Being a Teen & Lawrence Zarian Makeovers

Jane Fonda’s latest book is called Being a Teen, and she will share her unvarnished advice on Rachael Ray’s March 10 show, which also features makeovers. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Jane Fonda has always been outspoken, and now she is targeting youth with a fresh perspective on love and relationships. But her advice is making Rachael and her entire audience red in the face! See which viewers are getting answers to their questions in the special segment Help Me, Fonda.

Also, get the inside scoop on Jane Fonda’s brand new book, Being a Teen. At age 76, why is it important that the star reach out to new generations as they embark on the journey toward adulthood? There are going to be plenty of surprising answers along the way, I’m sure.


Rachael Ray: Lawrence Zarian One-Piece Wonder Makeovers

Can changing just one thing give you a whole new look? Lawrence Zarian says yes, and he is the style guru. His new book is called Ten Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe, and he is sharing all his secrets when he performs impromptu makeovers with members of Rachael’s audience during Monday’s episode. See who is wearing what by the time the hour is over, and how you can apply these tips to spruce up your own look!

Maybe Jane and Lawrence will put their heads together when the show explores how we see ourselves when we assess our bodies. What can all generations learn about self-image? Watch and find out for yourself on March 10.

Plus, Rach is making over a delicious deep dish pizza with polenta, mushrooms, and sausage. Sign me up! Get the recipe after Monday’s episode.



  1. Richard Chunko says

    What makes Jane Fonda an expert on teens s-x. Because she had so much of it?
    I know she is an expert on being a ant-American. Guess when she went to north Vietnam she got a lot

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