Rachael Ray: IndyCar Racer Graham Rahal & Bottom-Of-the-Jar Cosmetics


Rachael Ray: IndyCar Racing & Cosmetic Tips

On March 26 2013, Rachael Ray is taking life in the fast lane. She’s finding out the fastest way to lose weight and then getting a crash course in IndyCar racing. Also, Rachael finds out how to get the most out of your cosmetics.

Rachael Ray: The Fast Diet

Rachael Ray: IndyCar Racer Graham Rahal & Bottom-Of-the-Jar Cosmetics

On March 26 2013, Rachael Ray learns about new diet crazes and getting the most out of your cosmetics.


The authors of The Fast Diet talk about the newest weight loss craze. Their diet allows you to eat what you want five days a week.

Then, Rachael talks to a viewer that tried the “Fast Diet” program. She said she ate normally for five days, and then cut her calories by 75 percent the other two days of the week. She is a stay-at-home mom with a lot on her mommy plate, so did it help her shed the weight?

Rachael Ray: IndyCar Racing With Graham Rahal

Rachael asked IndyCar racer Graham Rahal to give her driving lessons. They pulled out the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel and Playseat Gaming. Rachael says it’s no secret that she is a horrible driver, so we’ll see if it matters when she’s on the the video game.


Rachael Ray: Bottom-Of-the Jar Cosmetics

It’s almost heartbreaking when you reach the last of your favorite eyeshadow. You searched forever for that perfect shade and texture, but then when it’s reaching the end how do you get it to last longer? Rachael is finding out what to do when you get to the bottom of the jar. She’s finding ways to reinvent your favorite cosmetics.

My tip: when you find that perfect eyeshadow, buy in bulk.

Also in this episode, Rachael’s food stylists show us how to go from freezer to party food in no time flat. What’s the best way to make and freeze your appetizers? Also, Rachael gives away GE French Door refrigerators to help with the party food.


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