Rachael Ray: Hidden Beauty Salon Dangers, Dr Ian Smith & Hilary Duff


Rachael Ray May 7 2013

When is the last time you made an appointment at a beauty salon to get your hair or nails done? What about waxing? On May 7, Rachael Ray is finding out the ugly truth salons don’t want you to know in an undercover beauty salon dangers segment. Plus, learn how to keep your kids healthy on the playground and find out what Hilary Duff has learned since becoming a mom.

Rachael Ray: Hidden Beauty Salon Dangers

Rachael Ray: Hidden Beauty Salon Dangers, Dr Ian Smith & Hilary Duff

Rachael Ray is exposing hidden beauty salon dangers with undercover cameras on her May 7 episode. Plus, Dr Ian Smith finds germs on the playground.


Rachael and her staff took hidden cameras undercover to find out whether popular and successful beauty salons are truly safe. Could you be at risk for getting an infection or another dangerous outcome, just because you wanted to look your best?

On May 7, see what happened on these hidden cameras. Are salons reusing waxes, towels, and brushes? If you have seen Tabatha Takes Over, you probably already know that not every business is as tidy as it could be. But the whole truth could gross you out when Rach reveals beauty salon dangers.

Rachael Ray: Playground Germs

Dr Ian Smith is also on Rachael’s May 7 episode to talk about another place you might not think is teeming with germs: the playground. Can you guess where one of the germy hot spots is on your child’s playground?


I can tell you that one of the areas to avoid is the monkey bars. Find out why this is and learn about other hot spots to watch out for on Rachael Ray.

Rachael Ray & Hilary Duff

New mom Hilary Duff is staying busy with her acting career. She has a role on the season finale of Two and a Half Men. She is talking with Rachael Ray on May 7 about what she is learning from motherhood and what’s next in her career. Be sure to tune in and find out what else she is working on these days.


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