Rachael Ray: Genie Francis General Hospital Return & Dr Ian Shred Diet


Rachael Ray: Spontaneous Makeovers & General Hospital  

Rachael Ray: Genie Francis General Hospital Return & Dr Ian Shred Diet

On March 12 2013, Rachael is talking to Genie Francis about her return to General Hospital and the wedding that captured the attention of Princess Diana. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

On March 12 2013, Rachael has a show full of food and laughs. She’s explaining extreme diets that people try and which ones work best. She’s making a no-cook Chimichurri sauce that her food stylists swear by. Spontaneous Construction’s Ricky Goldin is giving the ladies at Rachael a new powder room. Then, Rachael talks to General Hospitals’ Genie Francis about going back to the show that kick started her career.


Rachael Ray: Extreme Diets Explained

Rachael and Dr Ian Smith are busting the extreme diet myths. They promise fast, drastic results, but at what price? Dr Ian gives us a breakfast smoothie that will rock your mornings and not ruin your diet.

Dr Ian Smith has written many hit diet books, including Shred: The Revolutionary Diet. He helps dieters struggling with plateaus and setbacks take control of weight loss.

Rachael Ray: Argentinian No-Cook Chimichurri Sauce

A no-cook sauce with big flavor? Easy. Rachael and her food stylsts give you the secret to creating a quick, flavorful sauce sure to impress. The specific secrets to this recipe will be revealed on the show, but all you need is a food processor and some easy ingredients.


Rachael Ray: Extreme Ladies Room Makeover

From HGTV’s Spontaneous ConstructionRicky Goldin is giving Rachael’s staff a new ladies room. He promises speedy results. His show on HGTV takes struggling homeowners and turns their home makeover projects around. He uses the world of social media, email and Craigslist to find his subjects. The homeowners don’t see it coming when a makeover flash mob descends on their home.

Rachael Ray: Genie Francis

Genie Francis is back on General Hospital over 30 years after her character Laura said “I do” to Luke. She’s giving Rachael all of her secrets from the set.

Genie told Katie Couric that she had no idea at the time that Luke and Laura’s wedding would be so big. Over 30 million people tuned in to watch Luke and Laura wed and she’s still talking about it after all this time. It was so big, Lady Diana Spencer sent her a bottle of champagne. She said she was too young to drink it, so someone took it. Imagine getting a bottle of champagne today from Princess Kate and then having it snatched away. Tragic.


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