Rachael Ray Fridge Raiders: Sunny Anderson, Jeff Mauro & Scott Conant


Rachael Ray February 17 2014

Do you have trouble deciding what to make for dinner? Rachael Ray is back and all new on Monday, February 17, with some help for a frustrated mom in a fun edition of Fridge Raiders, featuring a little help from her friends. The clock is ticking, so can Sunny Anderson, Jeff Mauro, and Scott Conant deliver?

Rachael Ray Fridge Raiders: Sunny Anderson

Rachael Ray Fridge Raiders: Sunny Anderson, Jeff Mauro & Scott Conant

Three professionals are making good meals quickly in Rachael Ray’s Fridge Raiders competition on the February 17 episode, with 15 minutes or less each!


We know and love Sunny Anderson as one of Rachael Ray’s best friends and most frequent guests. Sunny is one of three chefs who will help a typical mother learn how she can get inspired again when she is in her own kitchen.

What will Sunny find in this woman’s home during this Fridge Raiders segment that could be turned into an exciting meal in 15 minutes or less? You know Sunny is going to deliver with style and personality when she takes over the kitchen during her portion of the competition.

Rachael Ray Fridge Raiders: Jeff Mauro

You know Jeff Mauro from the Food Network Star competition, and the shows he has hosted since winning there, which include Sandwich King and $24 in 24. That means he is probably going to be making some type of surprising and satisfying sandwich for Rachael’s mystery mom, to show off another unexpected and unexplored way to break out of her cooking rut and do something fun again.


Rachael Ray Fridge Raiders: Scott Conant

Scott Conant is bringing some gravitas to the proceedings. The chef has been cooking from a very young age, and he was taking community college classes in food as young as age 11! Now that early investment continues to pay off in his successful restaurants around the country. Check out the five-star ideas Scott will whip up during this Fridge Raiders segment.

The winner is everyone who tunes in and takes a fresh approach to the foods they already have on hand at home. Will you be watching Rachael Ray on Monday, February 17?


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