Rachael Ray: Feed Your Family For Free, DIY Makeover + Waffle Week


Rachael Ray February 11 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

Waffle Week is rolling on in Rachael Ray’s kitchen as another new episode makes its debut on February 11 2014. Could you feed your family for free? Chef Ryan Scott and an enterprising mother are teaming up for a special challenge that could help you save money. Also, Gretta Monahan is back to give us all a few style tips. Here’s a preview of what’s in store on this Tuesday’s episode.


Rachael Ray & Ryan Scott: Could You Feed Your Family For Free?

Rachael Ray: Feed Your Family For Free, DIY Makeover + Waffle Week

Could you feed your family for free? See how one mother stocked up on healthy ingredients without spending a fortune on Rachael Ray’s February 11 episode.

One extreme couponer is showing Rachael Ray how she got an entire week’s worth of groceries for her family without paying a cent. What is the secret? You will have to watch to find out how she combined her coupons with sales and store savings to come up with the ultimate grocery haul.

But what do you do with all that free food? I’ve never been one to stock up on items just because they are on sale, if they are not products that I would not typically buy or use. I also know that a common criticism when it comes to couponing is that it is hard to get the most healthy items in these types of sales and discounts.


However, Chef Ryan Scott is helping Rachael tackle these ideas from new angles. Tune in to find out how he is taking this extreme couponing bonanza and turning it into 21 meals, which means a week’s worth of food for a family. That’s coming up on Tuesday, February 11.

Rachael Ray: Gretta Monahan DIY Makeover

Many people love watching makeover shows on television, and these wish fulfillment scenarios date back to the dawn of the medium. It’s always nice to see someone deserving be rewarded, and you can’t help but picture yourself in their shoes. That could also be why we love celebrities so much. Gretta Monahan is combining these desires to show us how to have a DIY Makeover at home, coming up on the February 11 episode of Rachael Ray.

Plus, it’s full steam ahead for Waffle Week with a Bacon, Cheddar and Ranch Waffle Recipe. They’re not just for breakfast!


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