Rachael Ray: Falafel Waffle & Dr Ian’s 27-Minute Shred Workout


Rachael Ray February 13 2014

Recapo update: Here are Rachael’s recipes from this show.

Rachael Ray is going to blow up your taste buds when you see the next installment of Waffle Week on February 13. This time she may have gone too far into delicious territory. Also, Dr Ian Smith is back to show Rach and her husband how to save time at the gym, while Bob Harper is going undercover to share some workout tips. Here’s a look at Thursday’s show.

Rachael Ray Waffle Week: Falafel Waffle & Taco Waffle Recipes

Rachael Ray: Falafel Waffle & Dr Ian's 27-Minute Shred Workout

Rachael Ray will hit the gym with Dr Ian for his 27-Minute Shred Workout on the February 13 episode, during which she will also make a Falafel Waffle.


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