Rachael Ray: Eva Longoria Ready For Love & Double-Duty Coffee Grinder


Rachael Ray: Dating Tips & Double-Duty Spice Grinder

On March 13 2013, Rachael Ray is getting personal with Sunny Anderson and Eva Longoria. She’s dishing dating with Sunny and why Eva has become a matchmaker for her friends. After all that girl talk, Rachael’s food stylists are back to teach us a new use for the coffee grinder.

Rachael Ray: Eva Longoria Ready For Love & Double-Duty Coffee Grinder

On March 13 2013, Rachael gets the scoop on Ready For Love from executive producer Eva Longoria. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)


Rachael Ray: Eva Longoria Ready For Love 

After Desperate Housewives wrapped, Eva Longoria dedicated a lot of her energy to campaigning for President Obama and finding new projects. She tells Rachael on March 13 about life post campaign and what she thinks about running for office.

Her newest television venture is executive producing Ready For Love, the first reality dating show of its kind. The show uses Facebook to find three bachelors their perfect women. She reveals to Rachael her top dating tips and why she wants to play a matchmaker. The show airs on NBC and uses some of the top matchmakers in the country. Guiliana and Bill Rancic host Ready For Love on NBC coming soon!

Rachael Ray: Sunny Anderson Matchmaker

Rachael sent Sunny Anderson to a single ladies bowling night. She comes back and relays the information, letting the cameras follow her on her date.


She gives Rachael’s single ladies viewing the show great tips on dating and finding Mr. Right. Sunny shares her dreams and ideal dates with Rachael. Who wouldn’t love Sunny? She’s smiley, bright and a top cook on the Food Network. She’s getting a crash course in flirty body language. Biting your lip and batting your eyes could go a long way.

Rachael Ray: Coffee & Fresh Spice Grinder

Did you know that there are multiple uses for your coffee grinder? Rachael’s food stylists are sharing how to grind fresh spices with a coffee grinder. They have tips on getting the fresh spices without a coffee smell or taste.


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