Rachael Ray: Emmy Rossum Shameless & Megan Massacre Regretting Tattoos


Rachael Ray: Emmy Rossum & Tattoo Regret

On April 4 2013, Rachael Ray chats with the gorgeous and musical Emmy Rossum. She brings in the cast of TLC’s America’s Worst Tattoos to help some viewers fix their tattoos. If you’re considering a tattoo, Megan Massacre could help you finalize your design. Then, learn some of the biggest social media faux pas that may hurt your chances of getting a job.

Rachael Ray: Emmy Rossum Shameless & Megan Massacre Regretting Tattoos

On April 3 2013, Rachael Ray has a fun time with Emmy Rossum and learns about fixing horrible tattoos from Megan Massacre. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Rachael Ray: Emmy Rossum

Shameless star Emmy Rossum is a multi-talented star. She’s acted on TV, stage and silver screen. She had the lead female role in Phantom of the Opera and has released multiple albums. Her music has changed in recent years. Her first album was pop and drama. The second album is titled Sentimental Journey and it’s got an old-fashioned sound.

Emmy and Rachael play a game of “Shameful or Shameless?” We’ll see what makes Emmy blush and what she wouldn’t bat an eye at.

Rachael Ray: America’s Worst Tattoo

The cast of America’s Worst Tattoo sees people with tattoo mistakes and regret every day. Rachael asks cast member Megan Massacre if she has tattoo regret. Looks like even the best tattoo artists have tattoos they regret. After revealing her own tattoo regret, Megan show us what to think about before getting inked. She has guidelines and tips that will prepare you for your own tattoo.


Then, Rachael brings in a viewer that really regrets her ink. Can Megan Massacre turn it into a masterpiece with just a few simple strokes?

Rachael Ray: Social Media Faux Pas

We’ve been hearing people say for years that social media can put your professional career at risk. An expert comes to Rachael to give you advice on what to cut from your Facebook and Twitter. Also, a viewer shares her social media disaster. Learn why you need to think before you post about your family.


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