Rachael Ray: Dr. Ian Smith Shred Diets & Tim Gunn Project Runway

Rachael Ray: May 29 2013

On Rachael Ray May 29 2013, Team Gretta is battling Team Zanna in a fashion showdown to see who can better makeover two identical twins. To judge their handiwork, Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn will be coming in. Who better to judge an event like this than a judge for a television show like Project Runway?

Then, Dr. Ian Smith takes on the challenge of helping Sunny Anderson drop two sizes in less than six weeks by showing him his “Shred Diet.”


Rachael Ray: Tim Gunn Project Runway Season 11 Preview

Rachael Ray: Dr. Ian Smith Shred Diets & Tim Gunn Project Runway

Dr. Ian Smith will be showing us his Shred Diet.

Project Runway is heading into season 11, and Tim Gunn said that his season will feature a much heavier emphasis on team challenges, which apparently have not exactly been a fan favorite, but Tim Gunn went on record in saying that this is his favorite season, so how can you go wrong with that? He’s confident that the show’s loyal fans will stick with the show, and was excited to see the new season get started.

He said that, for today, his judging will favor the one that looks more dressed to suit the real world and bring out the person’s personality, running contrary to the high-fashion requirements of Project Runway, which made a lot more sense since these were two random viewers and not super models. 


Rachael Ray: Dr. Ian Smith Shred Diet

There are so many get-thin-quick diets out there nowadays that it’s hard to tell which one works the best…or even works at all. However, Dr. Ian Smith’s Shred Diet is getting killer customer reviews over at Amazon, so it’s safe to say that Sunny Anderson will be in good hands on this one.



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