Rachael Ray: Dangerous Driving, Lucy Liu & Storage Wars Advice


Rachael Ray May 16 2013

It’s something you may do without even thinking about it, but the next Rachael Ray Show might make you think twice about driving drowsy. Dr Ian Smith is exploring concerns about dangerous driving. Also on the show, see Lucy Liu and the cast of A&E’s Storage Wars. Here’s what’s happening on Rachael’s May 16 2013 show.

Rachael Ray: Dr Ian’s Dangerous Driving

Rachael Ray: Dangerous Driving, Lucy Liu & Storage Wars Advice

Could you be doing some dangerous driving and falling asleep behind the wheel without even realizing it? Find out what Dr Ian learned on Rachael Ray May 16.


Dr Ian Smith stayed away for 30 hours to prepare for a Rachael Ray experiment. Find out what happened when he got behind the wheel on a controlled test course to experience the results of driving while drowsy. Could you be falling asleep in your car without even realizing it?

Also on the May 16 Rachael Ray Show, Dr Ian is showing off some new gadgets that have been designed to keep our roads safe. What are they, and will they be in your next car? You have to watch to find out.

Rachael Ray: Lucy Liu As Watson

The CBS drama Elementary is a hit, and Lucy Liu plays Watson in the modern-day retelling of these classic tales. Find out what she uses from her character in everyday life. Plus, the actress recently told The Talk that the show is heading out of the country for season 2. Where are they going?


Rachael Ray: Storage Wars & Chore Wars

From the TV series Storage Wars, the cast is showing ways you can make money on the stuff you have lying around the house. No, you are never going to use that again. That hobby did not take off, so stop letting it clutter up your closet.

Then it’s another edition of Chore Wars, where audience members compete for a prize. Rachel will also be stirring up an Eggplant and Chicken Parmesan Recipe on her May 16 episode, so be sure not to tune in hungry or you will have to cook.


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