Rachael Ray: Chef Ryan Scott Superfoods & Bobby Moynihan SNL


Rachael Ray January 13 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from the show.

The New Year is here, and Rachael Ray is sharing some Superfoods you need to know about on her next brand new show. Are you ready for it? Plus, Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live will be making some trouble in the kitchen. Are you ready for it? Here’s a look at what is coming up on Monday, January 13 2014 with Rach and Chef Ryan Scott.


Rachael Ray: Chef Ryan Scott Superfoods

Rachael Ray: Chef Ryan Scott Superfoods & Bobby Moynihan SNL

Learn the latest superfoods from Chef Ryan Scott on Rachael Ray’s brand new show, coming up January 13 2014. Plus, Bobby Moynihan from SNL will visit.

Chef Ryan Scott is joining Rachael Ray to reveal five new superfoods you need to know about for 2014. Learn what they are and how they can be used in recipes you make at home. Plus, to get you started on the right path, Ryan and Rachael will be incorporating some of these ingredients into recipes seen on Monday’s show.

Check back to learn how to make a Hemp Seed Smoothie, plus Black Garlic Ranch Dressing. You will be wowed when you see what food can do for your health and beauty in the coming year. Are you ready to make 2014 the best year yet? There are so many ways to make it add up for you.


Rachael Ray: Bobby Moynihan SNL

What happens when a comedian from Saturday Night Live takes over Rachael Ray’s kitchen? He is going to be stirring up trouble and hopefully making a wacky mess. Bobby Moynihan is invading Rachael’s personal space on January 13.

Be sure to tune in and see the hijinx firsthand so that you can start your week with some laughs. That’s what you can count on from SNL’s comedian, who will be sharing his latest news with all of you!

Rachael Ray: Family Cooking Contest

Plus, it’s time to learn the winner of Rachael’s Family Cooking Contest. Find out which family is taking home top honors. What’s for dinner on Monday? Rachael is making Mushroom Soup, which sounds like the perfect warm and toasty hit this time of year. See it all on Monday, January 13.


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